Monday, December 8, 2008

Starting R2's Brain

R2,s brain is in the beginning stages. The main-frame is the AMD64 bit Opteron computer, software and O/S has been loaded, in this case a Berkely California version of UNIX, NET-BSD 4.0. I have chose 2 Z-world Rabbit semiconductor processors to interface the computer to motor controls. 1 Rabbit 2600 with Ethernet for computer interface, and a rabbit 2000 for motor control. Each rabbit processor has multiple digital I/O ports, and 4 serial-232 ports. The UNIX O/S is set at 4 User runlevels. the "NEURON" run-level is the superuser-god run-level. Run-level maintenance uses the same permission and command-line mode, but has home folder overwritable by the neuron user run level. User Run-Level "Halcyon" has limited maintenance functions, and "OPS" user actually is enabled to receive digital I/O signals as well as RS-232 input from the Rabbit Microprocessors. OPS user mode ensures an isolated operating mode that cannot affect other user runlevels due to limited system permissions.
Here is the AMD OPTERON, both Rabbit Microprocessors connected with the Flash Load cables and the Process Tree (TOP) running on the UNIX O/S